LEONIA Action Filed: Rosa v. Borough of Leonia [Complaint]

Rosa v. Borough of Leonia L-000750-18 (Bergen County Sup. Court)

A lawsuit has been commenced against the Borough of Leonia regarding the closure of streets during rush hour.  I’ve obtained the complaint and posted it below.

Keep following the page for new filings / updates.

The complaint cites NJ Statutes that the plaintiff claims is in conflict with Leonia’s new law, designed to block George Washington Bridge commuter traffic from snarling local streets in the morning and evening rush hour.

As stated in the complaint, “[t]he Ordinance specifically mandates that over seventy streets will be closed to the public during designated hours, unless that person is a resident of the specific street, or needing access to his or her home within the Borough, or can name a business they are going to.” Read More “LEONIA Action Filed: Rosa v. Borough of Leonia [Complaint]”

Breaking: LAWSUIT FILED BY NJ AG Against Mahwah NJ

Breaking: Lawsuits filed by the State against Mahwah, NJ.

State to Mahwah, NJ: Fear and bigotry will not be tolerated

The Attorney General said in a statement:

“This is an extensive complaint … but the bottom line is very simple — the township council in Mahwah heard the angry, fear-driven voices of bigotry and acted to appease those voices”.

The lawsuit focuses on two ordinances the Mahwah Council passed in their retaliatory attempts to keep out Orthodox Jews from Rockland County.

The lawsuit (like the others filed) will be uploaded here as soon as I receive a copy.

I’ve obtained the lawsuit and it’s posted below.  I’ll follow up with docket and new filings.

Stay tuned. Read More “Breaking: LAWSUIT FILED BY NJ AG Against Mahwah NJ”