The secret email…

Yesterday, it was alleged on the Facebook, that I have some secret documents that show there was no bigotry or animus in the actions taken by Mahwah’s Township Council.

To be clear, I don’t think any council member ever outright said, “we need to stop Jews from moving into Mahwah”.  That’s not how this kind of thing works.

But there were choices made. Choices to exclude people.  And those choices to exclude, were made after complaints from residents about Hasidic Jews came to the surface. Complaints ranged from parks being used too much, to doors being knocked on for solicitation (and allegations of “blockbusting”) and more.  In many cases, evidence of what was feared, was lacking or non-existent.

When faced with these pressing issues by residents, the Council had options.
Take the parks issue, where a handful of residents stated that the parks were overrun with Hasidic Jews from New York.

Would the Council opt to go with a simple ordinance that addresses the issue (e.g. “groups of 30 or more need a permit”) or would they try to ban certain (((groups))) from coming to “their” town?

The Council opted to ban (((non-residents))). Read More “The secret email…”

Mahwah Council is under Civil Rights investigations by the NJ Attorney General’s Office

As was reported Wednesday by the Bergen Record’s Tom Nobile, “the State Attorney General’s Office is investigating how the township came to adopt a controversial parks ban, which local law enforcement has said could violate parkgoers’ constitutional rights.”

I have obtained a copy of the subpoena issued by the State Attorney General posted it below.

These are very serious allegations, which echo the allegations made by the Township’s decades long Chief of Police and the Bergen County Prosecutor.

At this point, every level of law enforcement has looked at this issue and determined serious enforcement problems exist. Read More “Mahwah Council is under Civil Rights investigations by the NJ Attorney General’s Office”

Short Take: Is Mahwah Team Evil or Team Stupid? (UPDATE)

This Thursday, the Mahwah Township Council will have a meeting to discuss various items on the Agenda.

Among them will be:

UPDATE (9/27/17):

Someone had enough brain power to determine that the allusions to (a certain group that used arm bands to denote acceptable members of society who should have access to places like parks) was inevitable and has changed the discussion about mandatory “Arm Bands” into “Wrist Bands”.

This, as they say, changes everything!


  1. A Discussion about Township Parks including the issuance of Badges and Arm Bands
  2. Peddling and Solicitation Ordinance
    – to prevent Jews with suitcases of cash from trying to buy homes, despite the fact this isn’t a real thing.
  3. Unlawful Use in Parks Ordinance
    – including such gems as “no stringing utilities over parks” and “no aiding and abbetting ball playing”.  I wonder which will have a zero tolerance policy?

So, after the acknowledgment from the Council President that the Township is “under the microscope” from the State Attorney General and that Civil Rights subpoenas have been issued, the first and best course of action they can come up with is to issue mandatory “arm bands” for the people using parks in order to keep out (((undesirables))).

Are you Team Evil or Team Stupid, Mahwah?

Tune in Thursday, to find out.


Pulling back the curtain on Mahwah’s (en)forced errors.

  • In a Facebook post Thursday, Mahwah’s Council President indicated that Chief of Police James Batelli, had issues with ordinances ( e.g. 1806 to ban all non-residents certain people, from parks and others, pulled from the agenda) but now feels confident they will be ready for the next meeting.

Sadly, he doesn’t mention what the Chief’s concerns were. Several residents at previous council meetings were asking about the reasons ordinances seem not to be enforced and Council members haven’t seen fit to publicize this information to the residents of Mahwah.

An Open Public Records Act request procured the following information Read More “Pulling back the curtain on Mahwah’s (en)forced errors.”

Bad Faith in Mahwah

Tensions are running high in Mahwah and a meeting was scheduled to foster open dialogue and negotiation on August 15th, between the Eruv Association, the Mayor, members of the Town Council and Mahwah Strong (a resident group).

Two choices were presented.
Decision by the Town Council of Mahwah to issue summonses or hold off pending meeting

If you are going with option 1, you are Robert Hermansen and the Town Council in Mahwah, NJ.

You can listen to the vote to issue the summonses here: Read More “Bad Faith in Mahwah”


LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST MAHWAH, NJ (click to see documents)

(If you are interested in documents from the Tenafly litigation, click here)

U.S. District Court
District of New Jersey [LIVE] (Newark)

Read More “Lawsuit: BERGEN ROCKLAND ERUV ASSOCIATION, INC. et al v. THE TOWNSHIP OF MAHWAH (updated 10/18/17)”

Robert Hermansen and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Censorship

This post is a bit more personal than the others I’ve written, about the situation going on in Mahwah, NJ.

You can find my previous posts here and here.

In this post, I’d like to talk about the civic violations taking place in Bergen County, where I live.  How my rights and the rights of others have been and continue to be violated, and exactly what that means for society when these types of infringements go unchecked.

On July 27, the Town Council in Mahwah held a hearing (the video for a portion of the meeting can be found here and here) in which the public portion of the meeting, which by statute is  “for public comment on any governmental issue that a member of the public feels may be of concern to the residents of the municipality” was censored for several speakers.  Nylema Nabbie, Mahwah’s attorney from the law firm of Gittleman, Muhlstock & Chewcaske, LLP stated:

“I do not want a situation where I sit here and I allow comments to come in to create a record that can then be used against this body in a subsequent litigation. That is the purpose of restricting comments.”

With that, she cut off comments that were disapproved of by the governing body and wouldn’t allow people to voice comments on several governmental issues that they felt may be of concern to residents of the municipality.  If she felt it may lead to litigation or problematic outcomes, it was verboten. Read More “Robert Hermansen and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Censorship”

The lie that launched a thousand fears (updated with maps)

Fear has gripped the areas of Mahwah and surrounding towns in Northern Bergen county.  As was mentioned in my previous post on the unconstitutional actions taken by Council President Robert Hermansen, the township has restricted public comments in their meetings (in violation of statute) on topics of public concern, they have attempted to ban certain groups from public parks and they have taken the extraordinary step of even subordinating their top police official (to the ire of the law enforcement community as can be seen in a post by the local PBA here) when he refused to put nefarious political moves ahead of public safety.

Comments at the local town council meetings referenced “invasions” and harassment of residents (although Open Public Record requests indicate no complaints were lodged with township police or officials). Allegations of “blockbusting” (and worse) permeated Facebook posts and online forums, as residents scrambled for answers and all the while, “leaders” such as Robert Hermansen, the Council Preisdent of Mahwah, stoked fears and resentment. Read More “The lie that launched a thousand fears (updated with maps)”