Mahwah Council is under Civil Rights investigations by the NJ Attorney General’s Office

As was reported Wednesday by the Bergen Record’s Tom Nobile, “the State Attorney General’s Office is investigating how the township came to adopt a controversial parks ban, which local law enforcement has said could violate parkgoers’ constitutional rights.”

I have obtained a copy of the subpoena issued by the State Attorney General posted it below.

These are very serious allegations, which echo the allegations made by the Township’s decades long Chief of Police and the Bergen County Prosecutor.

At this point, every level of law enforcement has looked at this issue and determined serious enforcement problems exist.

For those just tuning in, the Township has claimed scores of Hasidic Jews from neighboring Rockland County have started using their parks and enacted an ordinance to keep them out, which was ruled unenforceable by their own Chief of Police.  You can read about that here.

The town responded by trying to create a police director position which would make the Chief subordinate in order to force him to commit these violations.  Then the Bergen County Prosecutor, Gurbir Grewal weighed in stating this was still not kosher.

Undeterred, the council has continued trying to ban those they dislike from crossing the border.  Now, the State AG is taking notice.

And how does the Council react to the scrutiny of their “bans” on (((people they don’t like in their town)))?

They advocate a new ordinance requiring arm/wrist-bands to be able to use their parks and they issue a vote of no confidence in the Mayor, who has been advocating for Constitutional principles and standing up for the rule of law.

Council-President Robert Hermansen — you have a problem.

The “Vote of No Confidence” that took place last night against the Mayor of Mahwah, Bill Laforet, while symbolic, is a clear indication that dedicated public officials willing to stand up for the Constitutional values they swore an oath to uphold, are anathema to you and your desired methods of exclusion.

We have seen this movie before.
Do not continue down this path.


State AG Civil Rights Subpoena


2 comments on “Mahwah Council is under Civil Rights investigations by the NJ Attorney General’s Office

  1. Brian

    How much money are they paying you, exactly? What do you gain personally by lying like this and trying to paint our residents as something we are not? How can you knowingly and willingly disrespect what OUR ancestors have gone through?

    You are shameful.

    1. Keith

      (Your comment violates the rules, but what the heck, I’ll approve it)

      Ah yes, the Jews are getting paid to say Jewy things trope. Haven’t heard that one in a while.
      No one is being paid, Mr. Riback. Yours is just another sad and pathetic attempt to deflect from what is actually happening. Lying? The document is literally linked at the bottom of the post. If you’re going to try to claim I’m lying, you can at least put some effort into it.

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