Did your ballot count in Garfield?

Did your ballot count?

Due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak, Governor Murphy mandated Garfield’s Municipal Election be conducted by Mail-In ONLY!

Due to mail delays, reports have been received that ballots did not arrive in time to count for the municipal election and were rejected.


Check the map below to see if your ballot was received*

* Public voter data was requested and received from the Board of Elections.  As more data are received, maps will be updated.
Please check back if your map is not listed.

All ballots Counted Ballot(s) Not Returned Ballot(s) Rejected

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As a voter this year, you’ll be joined by hundreds of thousands of fellow New Jersey residents in voting-by-mail in the July Primaries (and possibly the November general).
Many elections will be so close that just a tiny number of votes will determine the outcome. One of those crucial votes could be yours — but only if your vote arrives.  Please check the map and let us know if your ballot was mailed, but an X appears on your home. 
Data on missing ballots due to USPS issues, will be shared with Representatives Gottheimer and Pascrell, as well as Senators Menendez and Booker.