Update regarding 2020 General Election Ballot Replacement

The USPS has advised all County Clerks in the State to send out ballots 10 days before the Election to give enough time for voters to return their ballots. [Bergen County] will stop sending in-County ballots this Saturday 10/24. Voters who contact our office by 1pm on Saturday will be given the option of having us send their ballots out by mail or be prepared for pick-up.

Our office has the maximum number of phone lines and staff members assisting voters by phone. We have been working tirelessly as we have sent duplicate ballots to over 15,300 voters. Due to the high call volume, we are also encouraging voters to send us an email with their name and address. If voters reach out to your offices, feel free to forward their voter ID, name and address, or contact number to us. Our phone number is 201-336-7020 and email is electionsclerk@co.bergen.nj.us

Voters who call us next week will be advised their options are to either go to the polls on Election Day to vote on a Provisional Paper Ballot or come to our office at 1 Bergen County Plaza Rm 130 to pick up their duplicate in person. We are encouraging voters to call or email us before they show up to our office so we may have their ballot prepared in advance. Those voters may simply pick it up from our staff member stationed right outside. While the County Building is still officially closed, we’ve gotten permission from the Executive’s Office to permit one voter at a time to be escorted into our division to get their ballots if they have not called ahead.

Voters can only pick up their own ballots in person. We cannot issue a voter’s ballot to another person unless we have a signed Vote by Mail Application in which the voter designates a family member or Bergen County Voter to be their Authorized Messenger (SECTION 11). The Authorized Messenger must come with the voter’s signed application and photo ID.

Please be advised that due to COVID our hours are 9:30 to 4 Monday to Friday and 9 to 1 on Saturdays.


Sabrina H. Taranto
Elections Division Supervisor
Office of the Bergen County Clerk
One Bergen County Plaza – Rm 130
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Office: 201-336-7061
Cell: 201-562-5253

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